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Default Re: Show me the magic!

Pretty reasonable additions. I don't think any other spells allow multihex control, do they? That's pretty powerful.

Control Elemental is IQ 13, Create/Destroy elemental is 16. You have Control Zombie as IQ 11, while Zombie is IQ 19. That lets pipsqueaks take over zombies, but at a running ST cost, and the save roll is easy since master's IQ is at least 19 so the save roll is at least ST/2 + 9.5.

Hmm... With that save roll, I'm not sure it's worth casting this spell. You have only a 50% chance to take over an ST 1 or 2 Zombie, dropping to 37% for ST 3 zombie and by the time you get to ST 9 or 10, you're down to 1 in 10 and you're spending 2 ST for that privilege.

When I first read the suggestion, I thought it would nerf Zombie, but on the contrary, it's not all that cost effective.

I might suggest changing the odds of success, increasing the IQ required and tossing the multihex variants. At the least, the odds of success need to be adjusted. IQ of the Zombie-casting wizard should matter, but maybe in terms of difference with the Control-casting wizard or is that just too much complication?

Oh, how about this? Make it a competition roll, perhaps between the IQs of the Control and Zombie wizard? This has an issue too, since I've dropped the ST of the Zombie for the sake of simplicity. You could bring it back in as the maximum calculation you suggested before, but again that's complicated.
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