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Default Conan the wizard, Groo the Genius.

Hi everyone,
The basic problem is attribute bloat. High attribute figures tend to succeed a lot. But more important for this discussion, they tend to grow toward similar attribute shapes.

Groo was a comic book character who was VERY stupid, but he has all sorts of fighting skills - a VERY tough fighter. In TFT, Groo HAS to buy IQ to have enough memory (mIQ) to be able to take his talents. Buying IQ pretty much defeats the point of a Groo like character. While Groo is the most extreme archetype of this problem, lots of literary figures are a bit dull mentally, but they have lots of skills, which is hard to represent using TFT.

Wizards need fatigue ST (fST) to power spells, (except for the Death Spell and others like it which power the spell with damage to the wizard). If you want to power lots of spells, you need to buy ST to give you more fatigue.

And EVERYONE needs a high DX.

So experienced figures tend to have high values in all three attributes, which makes all experienced figures feel the same.

I fixed this with my superscript rules, but I think those are too complex for new TFT so I've not been pushing them. The "Groo the genius" I've suggested fixing, by making talents cheaper, so you don't have to be a brain trust to get a decent number of (not complex) talents.

But the problem with wizards bulking up to cast more spells remains an open problem. Thanks Zot, for opening the discussion.

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