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This is true, and is exacerbated by the house rules I suggested ('talent' based spell casting ST, and staffs as commonly available ST batteries). I'm not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, one of the miracles of TFT as a combat engine is that magicians and heroes both have lots of options for initial design and early advancement yet somehow are well balanced in head-to-head fights. The game nicely captures the drama of the original Conan stories, where our hero is regularly sticking a sword through some spell casting jerk. It would be nice if that balance could be better maintained at high levels of experience.

On the other hand, in a fully fleshed out roleplaying game it isn't so important that every character type be equal in 1-on-1 gladiatorial fights. Experienced heroes do things that magicians don't, and a magician who kicks butt in one fight is often basically helpless in the next because all of his or her ST reserves are gone. I guess I've just reconciled myself with the idea that experienced magicians beat experienced fighters in 'fresh' 1 on 1 fights.
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