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Default Re: New Scenario: Sidewinder

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
1) Which way do you turn the map? Do you rotate it clockwise so that North becomes East, or counter-clockwise so North becomes West?
Originally Posted by Desert Scribe View Post
Why do you need to even turn the map on the side? Can't you just say "Ogre enters from the left (or top, or whatever) side of the map"?
Obviously that initial comment needs to be deleted. Steve was just referencing that the scenario works from East to West, rather than South to North. N, E, W, S are unchanged on the map as described within the scenario, even if North is no longer at the "top" of the map, should you chose to actually rotate the map.

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
2) When you say the 'row' of hexes beginning in 08, are you talking about 'xx08' (which implies rotating clockwise), or do you mean something else? If the former, I recomment wording it as permitting the defense to set up in xx08-xx01 or something like that.
With the map rotated, column 08xx is now row 08xx. But again, this needs clarification. Basically, the PE force needs to set up on the western half of the map.

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
3) Looking at the map, those laser turrets aren't going to be able to fire at much, if anything. Also, you should specify what the laser rules are for this scenario beyond "they're D1" since Ogre Sixth Edition users may not have those rules...
For the basic scenario, they're essentially CPs with some 'point-defense' capability. The Laser Tower variant adds some teeth to them.

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
4) The only force difference between laser turrets and laser towers is 6 INF - that seems awful small a differential given that the tower can hit the Ogre on turn 1, and the turrets probably can't hit it until its within 5-6 hexes at most....
This is why we want you play-testing it. This differential may need tweaking.

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