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Default Re: New Scenario: Gauntlet

The problem with GEV-PCs and Ogre Map stacking rules is that they are inherently in opposition to each other. Per the Ogre Map stacking rules, INF cannot ride vehicles at all. While the statement of "Note that a GEV-PC carrying up to three infantry units is a legal stack." helps, it's still less than clear which stacking rules are being referenced. I would suggest changing 3.3 to read as follows:

3.3 Unstacking. Most of the ambushing units begin the game as a huge stack in the same hex. Beginning on turn 1, stacking is not permitted (per 5.02.1)with the exception of a single GEV-PC carrying up to 3 squads of INF. GEV-PCs may not stack with dismounted infantry.
However, this also raises the question (which may have been answered before) of what happens when an Ogre rams a GEV-PC carrying INF? Do the INF jump off and survive? Are they reduced? Or do they get crushed along with the GEV-PC?
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