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Default Re: New Scenario: Gauntlet

Originally Posted by wolf90 View Post
There's just the sole "illegal" stack to start the game. Otherwise, it's normal Ogre rules.
I dunno. Why specify just Ogre ramming rules, instead of full tan-map rules? (Are the green map rules in _Reinforcements_? Or is it strictly needed for the 66 INF?) It at least needs clarifying, and has one nasty interaction.

3.3 ... "Note that a GEV-PC carrying up to three infantry units is a legal stack."
5.11.3 ... The infantry may dismount in any hex of the vehicle’s movement on any turn thereafter, but may not move “on its own” on the turn it dismounts, or mount and dismount on the same turn.
Infantry may fire normally on the turns it mounts and dismount.
With tan-map stacking, you'd better handle those GEV-PCs carefully. Be sure to dismount before the last hex of movement, and get that GEV-PC at least one hex away.
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