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Default Re: Realm Management examples

Originally Posted by Artos74 View Post
no doubt your work is amazing. is it a "guidelines' book"? if so, perhaps, using old GURPS Fantasy, Space and Adaptions with other RPG systems could permit to "randomly" decide how many RP a territory can be worth.

For example:
-slipping RP, p.7, in more narrow branches of "production"
- calculating RP with a base of pro capita income explained in Space
- calculating RP with Start Revenue or Realm Value
- calculating base RP as above then modify them with TL, Administration Rolls,IR (manufacturing), OR (trading)
It's meant to be fairly self-contained. You really only need it and the Basic Set. Other books are helpful, but not required. I considered both random and fixed methods when I started out, but as I said. It didn't work for me. It'll probably appear in my designer's notes whenever I write those.

Originally Posted by Artos74 View Post
I repeat, your work is a masterpiece, like i didnt see since D&D Rules Cyclopedia and Castles&Ruins, so i hope i dont look like a bothering one
Thank you! It's nice to hear that. I spent a lot of time getting it right during one of the hardest moments of my personal life.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
One thing to understand about resource points is that they are ephemeral rather than fixed. Once a realm generates or purchases a resource point, it has it until it is spent, at which point its gone. It has no future effect on the game.
Eric has it right - they are something that only matters when you begin, not so much when you play because they go away or can be regained fairly easily by taking actions.
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