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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
I can't find any CP chart worth a damn. I realize there probably isn't one in the canon books . . .
See p. 202 in the Core Rules.

Characteristics are 3/level, and when you've bought 4 points in a pair of characteristics, you gain a Force of the appropriate type.

All other Resources cost the same as at character creation:
  • Attunements are priced on p. 36.
  • Artifacts are priced on p. 70.
  • Roles are priced on p. 72.
  • Servants are priced on p. 45.
  • Skills are priced on p. 73.
  • Songs are priced on p. 46.
  • Discord is priced on p. 49.
  • The ways of removing Dissonance are on p. 49.
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