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Candy Colours of the Third Imperium!!!!

Brightly colored candies are a commonplace treat in most hummani societies. But which colors for which candies?

Solomani tend to favor blue as a berry flavor. Many Syleans enjoy a pepper flavor much like this crossed with this. Whereas many folks to coreward see blue candy as habanero flavored. There are several prominant brands called Azure!. While the packages are much alike, the flavors aren't.

Red is normally either cherry, cinnamon, chilie pepper, or Durian.

Pink is either strawberry, Lutoc Fruit (a sort of bannana/asperagus flavor), clove, or watermelon.

Orange is either Tangerine, Blood Orange, or Tigoberry (a cucumber/lemon flavor, with a grassy note).

Yellow is either Lemon, Persimmon, Quolti (a chocolate-ish/bannanish flavor), or Zhigoberry (a strawberry/black pepper flavor).

Green is either Lime, Honeydew Melon, Musk Melon, Cheemlutu Fruit (a Honey/Vanilla flavor many people find nasty and perfumey, and others find addictive), or Tammirid.

Blue see above.

Violet/Purple is either Grape or something of a Wild Card.

Clear is often Strawberry (or if Strawberry is Pink, Zhigoberry), Glicu (a minty melon flavor), or Damotc (a very sour berry flavor with a strong hit of anise).

Most candies offered in candy dishes at social events (accepting a piece of candy is good manners) come unlabeled and wraped simply in clear plastic. Refusing the candy is normally a slight, but normally not a major one....normally.

Per Ardua Per Astra!

Ancora Imparo

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