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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

The Grey Hats.

The general images:
Military organization only rumored to exist. Rumored to be directly commanded by the Emperor himself. Rumored to carry out missions all across the galaxy. Rumored to consist only of the most elite humans in the Imperium.

The truth:
Military organization so far in the black that only the Emperor, the Heir and the head of Imperial Forces know of their existence. The Emperor IS the one who approves of missions. Missions have been carried out everywhere - foreign realms and deep within Core. Members are active-duty military personnel who are to the best troops in service as the SAS are to the bobbies in London, thanks to extensive training and cyber-augments. Grey Hats are of many different races. There are only 48 of them, and their current ranking member is a Colonel. All Grey Hats were "killed" in the line of duty. They serve eight year terms - very few make it to that point; those who do are retired, granted a noble rank and generally fade from sight.
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