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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Order of the Phantom:

A legend well known across the Imperium about a guild of mercenary agents that was formed long ago. Some say it was formed during the Civil war, but others that it's ancestry dates back to the Ziru Sirka. According to legend they have a strict code of honor. They will at times take assassination or abduction contacts but never against civilians and when offered such a contract the agent always has the right to refuse. Once a contract is accepted it must be carried out and if two contracts conflict the earlier one is considered valid. At the least it is dishonorable to charge for a contract one has know intention of completing. The Order maintains safehouses where all agents have Claim to Hospitality and no agent may harm another there even when working for opposing sides. At a Phantom safehouse only the Order's secret language is spoken and member's are addressed by the names they have been given on entering the Order of the Phantom. No member is required to reveal his face at a Phantom safehouse however and many do not for obvious reasons. If an agent proves himself dishonorable by the order's standards he is declared prey for the entire order. The same applies to an employer that triffles with his employees-to use a Phantom agent as a discard, for instance is a sure way to be assassinated according to legend.

In return Phantom agents are trained to a high proficiency which includes psionic training. Many agents are claimed to have a mindlink with each other.
Their skill is so legendary that according to tales, nobles have hired phantom agents to train their children into being their own bodyguards, and some Imperial Nobles are full members and have a Phantom name and a right to visit a Phantom safehouse.

The existence of the order is doubted. Some say it does not exist, others say it refers to several such organizations.
I like this. Even if I decided not to actually use it, I think I'd have it exist in legend.

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