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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Would the Imperium blatantly call it "the order of conquest"? How about "the order of Imperial glory" or so on.

Also one of the main secret weapons of the Imperium is simply the pariochial rulers. People go to space to get away from their planet. And if the Imperium gives rewards to the successful and puts a light hand on others that might be a motive to serve the Imperium.
Sure, IYTU.

IHTU, it sounds like the Imperium is more overtly badass. :) So it is in mine. The Pacification Campaigns are a proud chapter in the history of the Imperium.

The Order of Imperial Glory works just fine too, of course. Use what works for you. The rule is YMMV.

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