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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

I picture the area toward core as being fairly peaceful. The Imperial government has very much of an interest in keeping peace.
I picture the Marches as being like the scottish border with various groups keeping a nominal allegiance to one of the Astralcracies while being far more independent in inclination. There are more Balkanized worlds then canon would suggest. A lot of times the book simply represents the dominate government/Imperial recognized government. The Imperium and the Zho are constantly giving support to local warlords on each other's side. Piratical expeditions go back and forth too across the border. This low level mayhem is more tolerated because neither the Imperium nor the Zho has an interest in making to much of a fuss about it. It is much easier to attribute it to local criminals then to start another Frontier War.
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