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Default Re: Corruption and Insanity [Horror/Thaumatology]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Within Horror, we are introduced to the Corruption system, which is just a variation of the Meditative Magic system of Fantasy.
Of the F162 "Point Debt" extension of it.

I'd say it built on it in an interesting way.

On one hand, Corruption isn't as bad, because -125 points don't immediately become a -5 point disadvantage. Instead H148 demotes that to a GM's option where he can let them keep accumulating it under they fail a will roll.

Of course the 'worse' side of it, is they could fail that will roll earlier on and even as few as 25 points of corruption could turn into a -1 point disadvantage.

I still don't fully get how H147 makes 10 points corruption worth -1 though. A -5 point disdvantage to start with 50 corruption which will only turn into a -2 disadvtange.

.All I can figure is that since whatever disadvantage you eventually get is surprise, it's worth double the value as a SECRET disadvantage... (so 2 is worth 4) and as for the odd quirk out, that's probably the 'visible' in the aura' issue.

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
A related concept would be an Insanity system. An Insanity system would function similarly to a Corruption system, except that the character could accumulate 1 CP of disadvantages for every 25 insanity that they accumulate (they may bleed off insanity through rest or psychotherapy). If such a system existed along side a Corruption system, the Insanity system might give mundane disadvantages while the Corruption system might give supernatural disadvantages.
How would this interact with H147 saying that every point of Derangement (H142) also adds a point of corruption?

Derangement seems to cover insanity, but are you proposing you can basically accrue 1 pt of Derangement to pay 1 energy without it also upticking the Corruption?

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Imagine a modern day setting with secret magic. The magical system is RPM, but characters would have to 'gamble' Corruption or Insanity with every gathering roll. If the characters succeeds, they accumulate twice their margin of success, up to twice the amount gambled (doubled on a critical success). If the character loses, they gain Corruption or Insanity equal to the amount gambled (doubled on a critical failure, in addition to the normal effects of a failure (or critical failure). Magic cannot reduce Corruption or Madness.

What would be the consequences of such a magical system? Do you think magicians would be careful and subtle or corrupt and insane? How would you play a magical character in such a setting?
Corruption/Derangement aren't really pools you can gamble, but you could gamble energy that you got in exchange for accruing them I guess.
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