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Default Re: About Draining disadvantage for fatigue

Originally Posted by qchap View Post
Yes, I think it's good solution. Thanks!
No worries.

Originally Posted by qchap View Post
It's interesting and relatively easy to module. But how exactly did you got those numbers? If it's Mitigator (must have ER), it's -60% I suppose. If ER have Special recharge, it becomes -50% (-60%+10% for getting only from special case). It's for disadvantage for having 0 ER. But how you even got -40% for 1/2 ER? I don'r see any possibility for getting -40%. If you just got it intuitively then it looks fine to me. But then what if I want another number? It's better to have some kind of formula or table. And there may be even such special cases as "When ER is less then *some number*-Will/2", for example.
I pulled them from my personal rules document. Mostly figured it out by feel and trail and error of over a decade of GMing GURPS 1-3/week. I'd just interpolate other numbers as needed between the two.
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