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Session 1 (continued):

Thoughts on May 15th

Wow! That was intense! The thoughts are buzzing around in my head, and hopefully I can get some sleep when Iíve sorted through them. To start at the beginning Ö

We left this morning, following the animal tracks into the woods. Lady Karita and I were riding, but Magnar walked on foot, pulling his packhorse behind him. Kine left her oxen and wagon at the farm. None of us have any experience with tracking, but 100 animals should be easy enough to follow. At one point, Lady Karita thought she could see small, humanlike footprints, barefooted, among the tracks.

Lady Karita has good eyes. Some time later, she spotted a tripwire that Magnar almost triggered. She followed it with her eyes up a tree, to where someone had rigged a crude trap with a bow and arrow. It was a bit to high up the tree for her, so she asked me if I could climb up and get it. It wasnít really that high, so I simply stood on Lightfootís saddle, guided him to the tree and picked down the arrow and then the bow, and handed them to her. The small bow was in poor condition, but maybe Kine can get a few coppers for it, so we gave it to her. The arrow, on the other hand, was all right, except for a wet stain on the tip that Lady Karita said was some kind of poison. She warned me about it before handing it back. Then we resumed the tracking. Some time later, Lady Karita found a flower that she believed was the source of the poison.

All of us failed to spot the second trap, but thankfully it didnít penetrate Magnarís armor. After that, I suggested that it might be a good idea to parallel the tracks, instead of walking and riding on top of them. That worked out all right, for we didnít walk into any more traps.

In the late afternoon, I saw a spear sticking out of the bushes, and excitedly pointed it out to the others. Someone was holding the spear and ran off, and without thinking that it could be an ambush, we followed. The spearman disappeared into a dark hole in the rocks, so we dismounted and lit a lantern before we followed. The natural cave split in three directions, and Kine heard weapons being drawn to the right, over the noises of livestock ahead.

We turned right, towards the supposed cattle-nappers. Magnar took the front, wielding a morningstar and a huge shield. Kine, with the lantern in one hand and a whip in the other followed next, then Lady Karita, unarmed. I brought up the rear with the poisoned arrow on the bowstring, and hoping I wouldnít hit any of my friends.

The passage soon opened up into a wider cavern, and Magnar found himself under attack by some small human-like creatures wielding spears and bows. There was also a funny-looking one who kept dancing about, waving his strange stick around. I think there might have been something in the air, for Magnar kept sneezing all through the ensuing battle.

Thankfully, we had Magnar in the front who managed to keep most of the creatures out of the passage. Kine positioned herself a half-step behind him and to the side, and Lady Karita took the other side, suddenly wielding a throwing star in each hand. Standing behind the others, it was difficult for me to get a clear shot, but when one of the enemies managed to get behind Magnar, I got him full in the chest with the poisoned arrow. He staggered back into the room, for even though he could have attacked Magnar in the back, he wasnít keen on the prospect of reeling between three angry females.

It took some time before I got a second shot off, this time at the funny one, but the shot missed. Before I could draw another arrow, Magnar and the others had managed to down a few of our opponents, and the ones who still had their legs intact started fleeing. I tried to kick at them while they wove their way between us, but all three got past and a chase ensued.

Being in good shape and exceptionally athletic, if I may say so myself, I easily overtook the slowest of them just as they were passing our horses. I grabbed him, but wasnít quite sure what Iíd do next. I thought it might be a good idea to try to hold him until Magnar got there, but a panicked horse gave him a solid hoof in the stomach, barely missing my arms. The fellow immediately stopped struggling, so I dropped him to the floor and went after the last two. I saw they had managed to put quite some distance between us, so I leapt into Lightfootís saddle and took off after them. Lady Karita and Magnar took some time to get control of their horses, them not being war-trained, so I foolhardily left them behind.

The creatures ran in different directions, so I just picked one and tried to get Lightfoot to slam into him. We missed, but fortunately, so did the creature when he threw his spear. As he was unarmed now, I jumped to the ground and engaged him in close combat. I gave him a punch in the face, dropping him to the forest floor, and realized I still had the bow in my left hand. I couldnít gather the will to kill him in cold blood, so I started dragging him back to the cave. When he started twitching, I freaked out and let out a scream. Kine found me pummeling his head into the ground a few seconds later.

We all met up back at the cave. Lady Karita had taken a spear to the chest, so I bandaged her wound and Magnar gave her a healing potion. Magnar had taken a couple of scratches himself, which I treated after attending to Lady Karitaís wound. The creatures had soon figured out that they couldnít penetrate his heavily armored upper body, so they had started going after his legs.

We searched the cave, and found the animals, except for the few that had been sacrificed or eaten. There were ritualistic markings in one of the chambers, and we believe that the creatures had worshipped a demon god. I donít know much about such things, and Iím hesitant to learn.

Lady Karita and I went to bed. Separately. I donít think itís wise to get together with any of my new friends, as that could cause tension in the group. From past experience, I know I wonít be able to refuse a seduction attempt, although Iíve never been propositioned by a dwarf or cat person before, but none of the three have shown any interest.

Well, that concludes the first session. The characters got to meet, we received some information about the world, and we even had a fight!
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