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Session 1 (continued):

Thoughts on May 14th

I believe itís a good idea to make a habit of thinking through whatís happened each day, before I go to sleep. That way, I hopefully can make a coherent and thorough report to the baker when I return to town.

Not much happened today. When Lady Karita finally got out of bed and had had her brunch, as she called it, we left for the farm where the livestock had been stolen. The shabby guards at the gate warned us about the dangers of the wilderness when we left town.

We arrived at the farm just before dark, and were shown that the barn door had been lifted off itsí hinges. It was a smaller side door, not the main one, but I still think it was an impressive feat. Animal tracks from about a hundred cows, sheep and goats led into the forest, and weíre going to follow them tomorrow.

Magnar suggested that maybe one of the farmers had a bow I could borrow. I asked one of them in a sultry voice whether they had one to spare, and he was quick to find one, along with a quiver and some arrows, and said that when I returned, I could keep them if I would grace him with a ďfavorĒ. Thatíll be fun, so Iíll take him up on it, even if the bow isnít among the finest.

I showed Magnar that I was able to hit the barn wall from five paces. When we went back inside, I performed a little, before Olivia whispered to me that it was time to go to bed.
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