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Session 1 (continued):

Report: May 14th

Good morning! Can I have some more wheat buns, please? They were really good! And perhaps a private word? This is Olivia, by the way. She insisted on coming along when she spotted my altered hair-do yesterday. We keep no secrets from each other, so anything you can say to me, you can say to her as well.

I have some news for you. We’ll be leaving town later today, I guess around noon. You see, one of the people we met on the river barge, a dwarf named Magnar Goldenbeard approached us last night. (He actually has some kind of ointment that he uses to make the beard sparkle, as his family name indicates it should.) He told us that he, as a representative of the Adventurers’ Guild, had been tasked with investigating the disappearance of all the livestock from a farm half a day from here, and was gathering a team to go with him.

As things were quieting down at the inn, I had approached another patron there. We introduced us to each other and got to talking. She is a high human, which some claim is another race, just like dwarves and elves. I’m not entirely convinced of that, but that’s another matter. As you know, high humans are the leaders of civilized society, and this one, Lady Karita Vindelheim, I believe her name is, is apparently quite high up. I don’t know what she’s doing out here all alone. I think I may have met her at some of the society balls I attended back in the Old World when I was – ahem – staying with a certain Duke Leonard. He’s on the King’s Counsel in Lapac, you know. Lady Karita insinuated that she might have heard of a scandal involving me and said Duke. She didn’t give any details, but I remember that the new Duchess was particularly vocal in her displeasure of finding me, as naked as on the day I was born, in close proximity to the Duke (who, to be fair, was still in his night robe) on their wedding night. Lady Karita may well have heard the screams if she was a guest at the wedding, but I wouldn’t know if she was there. I was most certainly NOT invited to the wedding, since the Duchess-to-be had gotten wind of my history with the Duke. I had just snuck in to see Olivia, who worked in the mansion as a maid.

As I was saying, Lady Karita and I were talking, and the aforementioned dwarf approached us, and explained his quest. He asked if we were willing to accompany him. I don’t know the first thing about investigating missing cattle, but agreed to come along since this is just the kind of thing our mutual acquaintance may want to know about. I don’t think Olivia will want to come along when we start tracking the animals through the dark woods, but she’ll at least go with us to the farm. Why Lady Karita accepted to go on Magnar’s quest, I can’t fathom, but she agreed. One additional person, a cat woman trader called Kine, who had been sitting nearby, probably listening in on our conversation, will join us when we go.

Magnar kept grumbling about how unqualified the team was that he had put together. He asked if we had any weapon training. Kine and Lady Karita claimed to be able to fend for themselves. I had to admit that I wasn’t used to traipsing about armed, and I hoped there wouldn’t be much use for weaponry. I only wanted to come along to observe, so I didn’t mention that I had received some rudimentary training with bow and arrow and in unarmed combat from some hunters I was staying with some time a while back. Magnar insisted that I should borrow one of his daggers. I believe Kine has brought along some weapons for sale, but Magnar may well be carrying as many – that man is a walking armory!

I think Olivia and I have to go now. We’ve got to pack our stuff and let the innkeeper know we’ll be gone for a few days. Here’s seven copper for the buns.
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