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Default Re: Birthright to Gurps

Would anyone be willing to participate in a discussion about a new rule system for something like that?

Not saying we toss everything out of the window. More that we put everything onto the table, look at Gurps, and then start putting things together in a fresh scenario.

I would target something for a TL 0-5 environment (maybe -4), taking tech levels into account. Possible itegration into Magic and Powers - if that makes sense and is doable. I would go for some possible MINOR computer support (especially for turns, I do not think it would be SO complicated). Note that the TL limit is mostly because I think above that TL you start getting into a lot of things that require a different approach. a "modern times" system would span a lot larger distances and not be feudal.

What I would love is to start with a political/military thing, but focus a lot on the Birthright concept of domains (i.e. have magic, cleric and trade run as separate "overlays"), if we can come up with any feasible system for that (which, seriously, I would love).
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