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Default Re: Birthright to Gurps

Originally Posted by thona
You know, I wen thrpough the link again, reading all the reviews. Looks like I have to get another two set of domain management rúles. FIelds of Blood looks like it made some things proper.
I had all three of these (S&D, Empire and Fields of Blood) and FoB was the only one to survive the collection purge of the last couple of years. Aside from one bug, it's an excellent ruleset.

Sadly, that one bug - the impractically small size of provinces - makes it impossible to manage a reasonably-sized medieval kingdom (say the size of Ireland.) And because it impacts troop movement rates, and therefore turn lengths, it means you have to almost retool the entire system to fix it.

It also makes it impossible to drop Cerilia right into those rules.

However, the problem is fixable - by desgning a setting scaled to fit. That's how I fixed it.

That could be a very nice addition to the GURPS line in general :-)
Yes. Yes, it would. It's the one kind of game that GURPS has never even tried to support, which is too bad - we had loads of fun with Birthright back in the day, even though we were saddled with the (IMO wretched) AD&D2 system.
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