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Default Re: Modifying ST-Based Damage + Power Blow

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I would not modify the cost of enhancements on ST-based damage to account for Power Blow. Power Blow itself has a cost independent of basic damage output. It costs the same number of points as any other Will/Hard skill and requires exactly the same amount of time and FP regardless of ST (whether you're a ST 7 teen ninja or a ST 70 super), whether you have Super-Strength (Supers, p. 35), whether you have Striking ST (any level), and whether you're wielding fists or swinging a superfine nanothorn katana (with bonus damage, corrosion damage, and an armor divisor). It can even amplify force sword damage, which is totally independent of ST (Martial Arts, p. 209). If it can do all this, then I see no good reason to charge points for the damage from the extra ST when it's modified by an enhancement . . . Power Blow isn't exactly fast or efficient, and making it even less attractive doesn't seem right.

If Power Blow can multiply force sword damage...

Does that mean Power Blow with a muscle powered weapon should disregard Min STx3 for the purposes of maximum ST based damage?
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