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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

If magic can't sense meteoric iron, you can just look for the big voids in what you do sense. If you want the iron to be undetectable while using magic, the universe has to go a step beyond "can't be affected by magic" to "creates an illusion to magical senses of something else in its place".

(And the "something" really needs to be reactive to its surroundings to blend in convincingly. If iron always looked like some particular kind of dirt, then you could just Sense Earth for that kind of dirt, which finds all iron in other sorts of soil, loam, clay, sand, organic matter, trace chemicals of the sort farmers and landscapers test for, etc. Pretty difficult for a lump of iron if you're trying to treat magic as physics just with a different name for energy; perhaps fairly routine if you have an near-animate and intentional force of magic or active gods.)
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