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The thing here is that (as far as I understand) NPC's reaction rolls towards the PC with "Social Regard, Feared" are always modified to become an "intimidation roll"; so they are "automatic influence rolls".

And influence rolls are deliberate.
That's not quite what the definition says. Rather, it says, "as if you had successfully used Intimidation skill." That's similarity rather than identity.

Then, if the roll is good, it will be a good initimidation roll. And if it is bad, it will be a bad intimidation roll. Which is independent of being good to an NPC or not... and at least the first impression will be something like "this guy is going to do something really bad to me if I don't help him!" (good roll) or "this guy believes I am impressed by his ridiculuous "god of death" attire, but he won't have his way..." (bad roll).

If this necromancer wants reaction rolls different than "being feared" (i.e. using diplomacy), then he might have to start (always) from "Second Reaction Rolls". And IMO have at least 3 modifiers: (1) the result from the "automatic reaction/influence roll" accordingly to the reaction table, (2) the modifiers for starting from a secondary reaction roll and (3) the innapropiate "circumstancial effect" of asking for henchmen/help/allies while "being a feared creature (using intimidation in the first place, albeit automatic)".


Why did you buy "being feared" if you want to play from a "neutral possition" when convincing people?
Well, the player created the character more than four years ago, and her concept of her has evolved in the course of play. So now I need to think through how this will actually work.
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