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I think “social regard” should not be a switchable advantage (that’s like being a president and saying “no, don’t treat me as president, I am no body”. The “social” feature of the advantage does not depend enterely on the PC but also on the “culture”). If I really want something that depends on me, I would pick the “awe” advantage from powers with the modifier “switchable” (for example).

If it’s too late for changes, and you want the underlings...

What if they are unfazeable? Or what if they are fond of being friendly to dangerous creatures? (Was it xenophilia?). Or maybe they are fanatics of their leader. What if “they are not familiar” with necromancy and they don’t care because they have that disadvantage which gives you a very basic understanding of the world (“mundane” maybe?) That would be the “positive ways” I would propose to get “favorable” underlings for such a creature.

Or do you want to give her unreliable (and probably coward) underlings?

- Hide

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