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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Thank you Juris :-)

Think word 'chassis' in the text should be changed to 'body' though ?

I go by later ADQ&As & text in UACFH for Smart Links must be used to link a Trike's side weaponry , as it's one reason S.Links were brought in originally . Same goes for Targeting Lasers on Gas Engined powered vehicle REQUIRING Laser Batteries or similar . Both these were subject to rules abuse previously to this . Some guys complain bitterly about these on Combat Garage but sorry it's been clearly stated in published Rules clarifications (unlike Mine Flinger Magazines or HMG weight etc) , so you have to go with it .

Cost wise it doesn't really matter unless it's a low cost designs . Now it makes almost zero sense to use a Rev Trikes unless they're higher performance ones . I suppose Ram Trikes as well , but as almost no one uses Ram Plates on vehicles under 4,000lbs (our group severely frowns upon RP Subs & it's got to cleared with Duel Masters beforehand to use them) , so not really an issue .

Heavily Armoured Trikes with Bumper Spikes to use against lighter opponents is fine of course . Due to higher performance of current designs , the use of Ramplates outside of Arenas is extremely questionable these days - barring specialist 'Blockade Busters' or 'Breachers' designs . Weight is better used in beefing up Armour protect in vast majority of cases .
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