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Default Re: Crowdsourcing Content

Power: Used Card Dealer. Enough said.

Versatility: Disappearing Act (POOF!),

Art: anything from Edwin Huang! Love his style on Wizard cards. I really like the art on Asplode. Bard vs Wizard depicted on this card is fantastic.

Also I really enjoy Wight Milk and the Dead Horse. Something about ghoulish horses...also, really like the alt art for the Ferrous Oxide Monster.

Humor: Who can get over “zap” instead of “Tap.” Classic.

Synergy: Love me a Slow Moving Minion and Marshmallow Golems when Asploding, using Some Pain Some Gain, Ouchian Bargain, etc.

Also spill decks are so powerful. Boot to the Head, Butterfingers, Dyrthwurm, Goldman Stacks, and Grody Sponge.

So many more in all categories. I’m sleepy though and will need to continue later.
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