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Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
For instance, in one campaign we both played in (loosely based on Earthdawn), G&AINC wrote these great after-action reports in the voice of his character, a juvenile delinquent orc. They were freakin' hysterical.
Thanks! I fell behind and never got caught up when the campaign hit its lull, but I enjoyed the ones I did. I'd post a sample here, but it'd have to be so heavily edited for profanity that it wouldn't be worth reading; the main reason it's funny, IMHO, is the way it's already been crudely edited for profanity in-character, so posting it here would ruin the joke. It is, of course, available over at the always completely NSFW Denver GURPS Forum (whole campaign thread linked, because my reports are also more funny if you read them right after the ones by tshiggins' PC).
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