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Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
Dr. Belody "Doc" Bascher -- a local veterinarian for both large and small animals, who frequently fixates on her job and uses 4CSAR as her primary social outlet. She has a pet pig named Master Oink of the Porcine (just a pet and not an ally, trained to fetch, carry things and squeal when alarmed, meant mostly for comedy relief) -- Played by Samantha H.

[snip] I awarded two experience points, each.
This just occurred to me: You might want to casually suggest to Sam that Signature Gear (Twee Non-Heroic Pig) [1] might be a good investment for her emotional health, unless you think she could handle what's probably going to happen to him in a campaign where we're already getting ball bearings shot at us by freakin' trolls (who seem to have a taste for ham, no less).

Or we could, y'know, build her a 32-point Sumo Pig (12-; he's lazy) [2] Ally, and say MOOTP leveled up in badass, maybe after he's exposed to strange energies IC or something. Just say it with me: Sumo Pig. With the additional bonus that, even as a normal pig, he can eat the bodies! Man-Eating Sumo Pig Cleaner! :]

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