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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

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If Tymathee's sessions will last 8 real time hours, then 48 lucky breaks make sense with ridiculous luck. But taking my gaming experience and looking at examples such as critical role or NADDPod, typical gaming sessions last about 4 hours and sometimes include breaks (which reduces ridiculous luck's lucky breaks to 18-24).

Under this scope, 48 lucky breaks are still out of proportion. it still gives a vibe of "She is superior and you can't beat her", remember that your players chances of having such an ability is very low or taxing under their starting conditions.
If Tymathee's sessions only have 3 hours of playtime (for up to 18 lucky breaks), but also tend to only cover around 3 hours of exploration, puzzle solving, negotiating, and combat, then his 1:1 ratio is just fine - characters still get the same amount of utility out of their time-limited Advantages. And if you have a lot of "slow time," you may well only cover that much each session. If they tend to cover a couple days with each session, however, then his ratio is out of whack.

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Also, it is great that Alice will get a Vorpal Sword at some moment in the game, but that does not mean she was prepared to wield it. Giving her the shortsword skill before she gets the sword evokes meta-gaming. Just to give you an extreme example of it: It’s like building a peasant character that lived in a barn without cars, but you know he will get the Knight Rider’s car in the future… so you decided to give him driving (car) beforehand.
Seeing as Tymathee's version of Alice is an adventurous noblewoman in a DF setting, it's entirely appropriate for her to be skilled with some sort of weapon. The fact she later finds a special weapon that happens to be of the same type as she favors is no more suspicious than the GM deciding the magical weapon the party just found happens to be of the same type as the party's main fighter prefers. Alternatively, given "vorpal" was a nonsense word to start with, we could depart from the typical interpretation (that the blade is particularly sharp and deadly) and state the "vorpal" quality is one in which the weapon changes form to match the user's preferred weapon. Maybe it's a halberd when Alice first finds it, but when she picks it up it magically transforms into a Shortsword-class (or Smallsword-class, which is arguably more appropriate for a noble woman) weapon of whatever design she prefers.

EDIT: Looking it up, it appears "snicker-snack" may well be related to snickersnee, a term used to refer to a large knife (itself from snick or snee, a term for knife fighting). So a knife-like sword - which could be anything from a fairly short sword (knifelike on account of it's length) to a rather large Grosse Messer (knifelike by appearance) - would be entirely appropriate here. Note the poem never says the hero decapitated the Jaberwocky during the fight, but rather that he took the creature's head back with him after slaying it... much as Beowulf did to Grendel when he found the creature's corpse. Indeed, "One, two! One, two! And through and through" implies several blows needed to defeat the monster, rather than a single decapitating strike.
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