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Default Has anyone considered playing on Loren'dil?

According to Banestorm:

Loren'dil [is] an idyllic place with rolling plains interspersed with swathes of dense forests. ... some of the trees were as big around as hills and tall enough to disturb the clouds.
Allowing for some hyperbole, I imagine that the average tree is some 100 feet in diameter at the base and reaches about 1,000 feet high. This is about four times as large as the largest redwood trees. The largest trees would be five to ten times larger and weigh millions of tons. When such a tree falls it would be accompanied by a minor earthquake...

Races include halflings, giants, minotaurs and centaurs. The halflings live in the forests - presumably each tribe claims a tree and defends it from all other tribes. The other races live on the plains where the more civilized centaurs face the barbaric minotaurs and the savage giants heads-on.

So how would you run adventures on Loren'dil?
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