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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

What phase of the FP recovery is Telrith in? He'll be either 2 FP and 2 ER or 1 FP and 1 ER down.

Telrith will lift up his shield, observe his foes, and give the elementals instructions. He will probably be on the wrong side of the wall, as he was most worried about an attack from the door they're working on.

How far away are the enemies when they are spotted?

Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
No, most cave entryways are smaller.
There is an inner door, yes.
So we picked the big stone entrance instead of the little earth ones? sigh, I should have been more proactive about getting that information.

EDIT: basic speed is 5. Elemental basic speed is 4.5. Current elementals are mudman and stonemaul.
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