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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Stealing doors is a long tradition in RPGs,
Module writers keep thinking of exotic substances as colorful adjectives rather than tangible commodities.

In my group there's an Eberron module that's permantly notorious. It not only had adamantine doors (fortunately discovered on the way out) but a bronzewood armoire. The writer probably thought of "bronzewood" as being like double-expensive oak when the Eberron creators thought of it as being an exotic material for Druids to make plate armor out of at 500 gp per lb.

I've never seen a Druid in bronzewood plate (or even dragonskin plate) but I did have to figure out how much an average armoire weighed. The doors too. If you wonder, yes the PC group did have a wagon. The bad guys had thoughtfully provided one.

The "Emerald Claw" had sent a whole squad of their crossbowfodder minions into the field with a month's supplies. This included enough "sunrods" for every grunt to use 2 per day. Why somebody did the math on the sunrods but not the bronzewood or the adamantine seems odd to me but mentioning any of those three things just sets off my group.

The moral of the story is that every named item in a dungeoncrawl has to be considered on the basis of what happens if the PCs take it.
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