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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
The shell isn't made of iron, so isn't meteoric iron, and thus can be affected by magic. As noted above, you can affect something that has meteoric iron in it with magic, you just can't affect the iron itself. It's no different from using Levitate or whatever on a character who is carrying some meteoric iron in their backpack.

Yes, this is arguably rampant munchkinism, but I think is acceptable for the genre...
Hmm. If this shell notion worked to create the door, surely the looters would ask why not put a shell on it again and shove it through a gate or a plane shift it or what have you? I like the scope of your thinking, but a bit of back-of-the-envelope scribbling suggests this door weighs about 2700 lbs/1250 kg, and getting such a thing falling from terminal velocity with only part of its total mass subject to any magical manipulation... that seems like a plan with all kinds of ways to end in grief.
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