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Default Re: Seaplanes or Amphibious Aircraft for Caribbean Adventuring and Logistics

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FWIW, there's mention that the big Short flying boats were phased out of service in the Pacific because they were incredibly expensive to run (presumably compared to the new modern liners of the post-war period) in the 50s. While think they're a great plane and would look awesome, etc., I think that if Kessler was to have bought one it would have to have been as a talking point. However, he might have leased it for a while.
It was a combination of bigger is better (more economical) and airport building with tarmac, concrete, and terminals. Without the infrastructure the heaviest aircraft could realistically only use water. World War 2 also produced heavier aircraft (Lancaster and B-17) and developed purpose built airfields that required the land to allow these aircraft to take off and land.
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