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Default Re: Approaching TL9?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
First of all, not everything appears at day 1 of a new TL. Second, well, no-one gets the future right. Tech has certainly changed substantially since 2006 and will change more in the next few years, but it's never in quite the ways people thought it would change.
Regarding the first point, he Basic set says as much: "The equipment listed for a TL does not appear all at once as soon as a society enters that TL. Instead, items appear gradually after that date."

I should mention that even within a TL there is a lot of change. For example, the Wright Flyer, Fokker Dr.I, and a B29 are all TL6 aircraft but the type of TL6 that went into them is vastly different.

As for the second one only has to look at the TL7+ future envisioned during TL5-6. For the most part as Futurerama of the Worlds Fair shows the level of progress tends to be envisioned to far higher then it turns off or the optimism causes thing that logically don't make sense to be proposed.

Also there can be a lot of TLx-2 stuff around. For example much of the sewer water systems in TL8 cities is from the 19th century (TL6). The powergrid has TL8 computers controlling TL7 nuclear/solar and TL6 conventional power plants delivering power over a largely TL6 power transfer system.

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