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Default Re: Alternate XP progression schedule

Skill points based on ST & DX seems peculiar conceptually to me, and also seems like heading back towards people mostly/always using XP to improve attributes.

Also for me it competes with what I and several others thought was the new system until we read it in detail, which would be to have everyone have skill points equal to IQ, with an option to add more for 500 XP per point. It's consistent conceptually and with the character creation system, works like the old system, and avoids the problem with using the 500 XP method being so expensive compared to attributes for low-attribute-total characters.

The house rules I'm toying with (in addition to tweaking the attribute cost curve) is un-removing the time/teacher rules for learning things, and adding something about learning talents with time/teacher and not requiring XP. i.e. A way to buy talents/spells like the 500XP method, but costing training time rather than XP (more time than if you have unused skill points from IQ).
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