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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Thanks guys, you have given me food for thought. I had a discussion with the player, and we both agreed that Fanaticism is difficult to pull of with that deity.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
I'm not sure Fanaticism should be allowed on a devotee of the Lady of Life... but I leave that for the big boss...

For now...

Well let's take a look at her 'tenets':

Renewal, healing, youth, springtime, preservation.

Her followers are described as the least warlike.

So to me, this paints the picture of a Fanatic devotee seeking the non-violent path first. Healing even enemies if they are ones who can be converted to friends, or at least "not enemies today". Making peace, rather than seeking to crush a foe. Renewal suggest they prefer to build up, not tear down - unless the old edifice has a purely bad foundation, but even then they will be there for the rebuild.
I think you are right, and it is likely that we'll figure out another disadvantage or a way to deal with those 15 points. Using it with Lady of Life would pretty much force the player and likely the whole group to discard a lot of the DF mentality.

Originally Posted by Balor Patch View Post
I think Fanaticism is the disadvantage of loyalty to an organization. A fanatic priest in Noršlond will know that the will of the gods is known to their superiors and will follow their guidance without question.

A fanatic of a specific Aesir is an interesting question because my understanding is that there are no separate hierarchies for individual gods.
This is a very handy way of looking at it. Thanks!
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