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Default Re: Grain-based local currencies in medieval fantasy games

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
The famous story is about doors made of an incredibly resilient and/or magic-proof material to force characters to get in the way the module designer wants them to, and the PC's opting (once they find a way in, probably still in a manner the designer didn't anticipate) to remove the doors and take them back to town, selling them for more than the dungeon's treasure was worth.
I've done that. I'm sure it wasn't the only case, but it was fun.

One that was even more amusing was an AD&D game where a vast treasure was all in copper coins. This was intended to annoy us, and it did, but we removed it anyway, and then kept quiet about it for a while. Then we sold it as bulk refined copper, by weight, and got about twice the coinage value, because that DM didn't check his arithmetic.
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