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Default Re: Grain-based local currencies in medieval fantasy games

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Of course, the time when it's worth the most - right after harvest - is also - "Yes, I know you've traveled far from home looking for heroes to deal with your goblin problem, and I know you're willing to pay handsomely, ").
The thing is there is no such thing as "handsome" payment in a medium that's poor in exchangeability, durabiity and portability. You could be paid more in grain than you could carry, comsume or that would last through the winter but what good is that to your PC?

No PC wouldd o this because grain money is as good as gold money. It plainly isn't. PCs who rescue the villagers in exchange for low level room and board and being paladin-like and not satisfying theri greed.
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