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Default Re: Gameplay balance issues?; Talents in place of skills

Wildcard Skills are functionally equivalent to what you are suggesting (though they also give other benefits like maximized techniques and bonus points every session). In general though, I feel that the solution is to make skills better, not cheap (or to make attributes, secondary characteristics, and advantages more expensive).

In my games, I have characters reduce their skill penalties by one per every 4 CP invested in the relevant skill and its associated techniques (or every 12 CP in the relevant Wildcard skill), halved, rounded down, in the case of defensive penalties. For example, a DX 10 character with Karate (H) DX+10 [44]-20 reduces skill penalties by 11 and defensive penalties by 5, meaning that they can Deceptive DWA (Punch) two people in the skull with an effective skill of 16 and parry three times per turn without any penalty.

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