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I think I am liking the idea of a "Face Rip" spell, versus one that removes the target's soul. My thoughts are that it should be a thrown spell, and only temporary, with a cost per turn for upkeep. Basically, it just blinds the victim but could be used to make them mute for a short time. For simplicity, and perhaps mercy, I would say that the spell leaves two holes for breathing. A more severe version of the spell could be used to remove faces after death and preserve them so that they could be used with another spell to become that person (I'm thinking Aria Stark and "the Faceless One" cult from Game of thrones).

IQ 11
Steal Face - (T) This spell magically removes the face of a one-hex or two-hex target. The victim is blind for the time that the spell is active and may not speak, eat, or otherwise use their mouth or eyes. They are also unrecognizable as... they have no face. 2 ST to cast, plus one each turn to maintain.

This might be usable in a few situations: the obvious- incapacitating someone, silencing someone (great for using on guards), or making someone unrecognizable ("... the bartender was just about to recognize the king's face under his hood, when Charlak cast a remove face spell and the bartender quickly looked away.")

Thanks for getting me to think about this again, guys.

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