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Default Re: The World of Dreams

Some months ago I had a dream with a setting on it. I wasn't on the dream.

Anyway, the dream was like this:
The dream is made of 3 parts, (PS: this is not 3 dreams), but the first 2 parts would just be parts that would lead to the third one.


The dream start at the future, the world is at war (I mostly see a world map like thing, with icons for some stuff happening, like those 4x games).
Monsters exist are are low to mid fantasy monsters.
Don't ask me how monsters fit on a futuristic setting, because as I said I mostly saw the world map like thing with icons.
After some amount of time passed the countries started to throw atomic bombs at each others.
Earth was not a spacefaring planet, and there is no aliens on earth.

Atomic bombs destroy almost everything, making the world go to an apocalypse era.
Magic was discovered here or was already discovered at part 1 (or before). Either I don't remember, or the dream didn't told me.

After some time, instead of going to the usual apocalypse stuff, we go to a medieval like era, but in a apocalyptic world.
People still remember stuff from the "future" (part 1).
The world for some reason, didn't turned into the usual apocalypse world and gone to a medieval like apocalypse era.
(while on this medieval like era [part 3]) you can find futuristic stuff from the war era, but you need to be lucky to find something you actually have to search or be really lucky.

I remember that on the medieval apocalypse-like part, I saw some guy fighting with a non human sentient race, and while fighting with him (or after it), he found a motorbike from the future (the motorbike was white and was a little like 74-Z speeder bike from star wars, if I remember right it was, "speedster bike - decopunk edition")

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