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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Wizard inside a cave cast Calling. Gate at the entrance of the cave whisks gargoyles off to the kill room.

Here's my more mundane take on hunting for alchemists:
Wizards capable of creating gates aren't the kind of desperate degenerates that murder gargoyles for a pittance in my world. I guess I should have said so.

Calling is a good way to hunt most anything, to be sure. Same IQ as Create Gate (IQ 15), which still doesn't fit the way I was going with this hunting party, but it only costs 5 ST to cast. Perhaps I'll consider a skid row high IQ wizard learning to earn a bit of cash with a small group of fighters.

I'm a little surprised that Calling works on intelligent beings.

Inside a cave is good, too, since it nerfs the gargoyle's flight benefits. You'd usually get only one gargoyle at a time (usually), so the party can be smaller. The spell description is unclear on what happens when the Called critter is attacked. I'd reckon that breaks the effect if the attack is at the general location of the wizard, allowing a gargoyle to escape if the ambush is triggered outside the cave.

I appreciate pointing me at Calling, which is a spell I had forgotten. That is hunting made easy. Beats a varmint call.

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