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Default Re: Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

It really does depend on the level of damage expected by the party. A party with four combatants that can recover 32 HP per day is capable of delving deeper and a lot more frequently than a party capable of recovering half as much. For less frequent threats, like disease and poisons, scrolls are probably more economical than spending CP on the spells, which the healer can cast for the party as well.

Playing a specialized healer is an awesome RP experience, as the healer is the most valuable player in the party. At DF point totals of 250 CP, you usually end up with fairly balanced character, as you can afford higher IQ and broader Magery/Power Investiture. In addition, you can start pick up interesting skills/talents for RP purposes.

For example, imagine a character with IQ 14, Goodwife 4, Magery 0+3 (Healing Only, -40%), Cooking-20, and Major Healing-25. They are party cook and party healer, so they are satisfying two important noncombat roles. During their offtime, they can make a living as a master chef or a master healer.
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