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Default Re: Quick, self-contained encounters

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
If you haven't seen it already, Steven Marsh posted an interesting little encounter for The Fantasy Trip.
Thanks for this tip. I like it.

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
I also like your "pit crossing" encounter. Sometimes I like to take the time to play out the nuances of something basic rather than rush through something very elaborate.
Yeah, for this sort of activity, the basics are ideal.

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
Do you have anything of interest to report from your activity launch?
The first session last week was very introductory. All of the students were new to DFRPG and most were new to tabletop roleplaying in general. They were very excited about it, though, and a bunch of them have already signed up for my summer workshop. (Yay!) I gave a brief overview of how RPGs work in general (imaginary worlds, heroes, players, game master, rolling dice) and then we formed groups and selected pre-gen characters. I then ran the whole room through a few quick skill rolls (a basic skill, an attack, and a defense), just so everybody understood the "roll <= target" idea. There were enough people that someone rolled a critical success or failure each time, which allowed me to explain how that works. That was as far as we could get. The next session (this Thursday) will be the launch of actual adventures (or encounters). Since everyone was pretty new, I think I will share my notes (if I manage to write any) with the other two GMs. They can follow my lead or come up with their own material instead.

Originally Posted by bocephus View Post
There is a youtube video from Matt Collville where he lays out a simple dungeon encounter, I think its called a 3 room dungeon, or 5 step or something like that.
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Some of the rooms in the mega-dungeon thread might work.
Duh. I forgot about that thread. It has some great material.

Originally Posted by GMJer View Post
I did the old bull in the china shop two weekends ago. Only replace bull with karkadann and replace china shop with alchemist shop.
That sounds like a lot of fun. It fits with my current amorphous plan of basing the string of encounters in a city rather than a traditional dungeon. Thank you!
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