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Default Re: Quick, self-contained encounters

I did the old bull in the china shop two weekends ago. Only replace bull with karkadann and replace china shop with alchemist shop.

Everyone wants healing potions or alchemist's fire before they go dungeon crawling right? Connected to alchemist's shop there is a tower with a summoning circle (for spell components maybe?) and a green house (I was using VTT and had a cool green house map available). Outside the green house are children tending the lawn. PCs are shopping. Summoner screws up, ends up with angry karkadann. Kardadann kicks door and is now on scene with PCs. It first strikes a book shelf and over turns that. It then bumps a shelf with bottles of wine - shattered bottles and wine splatter. The idea is that it becomes obvious the karkadann is mad and not too graceful on the wooden floor. If it isn't stopped soon it will hit a shelf or two of potions. That could mean poisonous clouds or fire or frost etc. PCs need to stop it from doing that. If it heads to the green house, PCs might worry about the children outside.

I picked karkadann because of hooved feet, one PC had musical ability and one was a swashbuckler. Coincidentally it is worth something to alchemists. Also a third PC had Naturalist. The Swashbuckler engaged with the karkadann before it hit the potions. The naturalist identified the creature and told the others it liked music. The musician sang to it to calm it down. Oh, helps if the karkadann is uplifted a bit so that fencing ability is a little on par with swashbuckler.

If you use it - have fun!
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