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Default Re: IQ to power spells

Originally Posted by Shoug View Post
I'm glad to hear that it didn't get in the way of your fun. I'm gonna be synthesizing a grotesque Fate/TFT chimera for future games to take advantage of Fate's great roleplaying mechanics, so it's comforting to know that Mana is a fun and easy way to circumvent the manastaff (which I won't be using because I won't be using XP). It seems like it would be extremely unbalancing given how difficult it is RAW to amass that kind of casting power, but all eyewitness reports say that it was fun. You really didn't get any sort of "caster supremecy" problems when you did that?
By "caster supremacy" I'm assuming you mean some sort of outsize advantage accruing to the spell-casters? No. Keep in mind that Spell Casters tend to be the most dangerous opponents your non-Wizards will confront anyway -- especially if they are clever about how they use their spells. But this change (from ST to "Mana") didn't really change the dynamic much -- except that it put a premium on Spell Casters increasing their IQ (keep in mind this was "classic" TFT, 30 years ago), which was just fine. Their ST might stay 9 or 10 for quite a while, which made them fairly fragile compared to the Human Tanks and whatnot the rest of the characters were. And again, that was just fine, and more or less what we wanted to have happen.

I like the Fate rules. Maybe post whatever your mash-up looks like at some point? I'd be interested in seeing what choices you made in creating it.
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