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Default Re: What's next for the DFRPG?

Originally Posted by David L Pulver View Post
I'd also like a ready to use multi-level starter dungeon, of at least 3-4 levels, but with room for a sequel product that adds more, designed for extended campaign play with the first level organized for starting characters and higher levels progressively more difficult, large enough to permit multiple factions, but disorganized enough that each room or complex of 1-3 rooms is independent to prevent parties being overwhelmed, its background logically supporting such diversity, and its multiple entrances, exits, extra planar gates, and transit points to other underworlds, underwater rivers, or whatever, permitting easy justification for the dungeon to "restock" itself, with guidelines to the GM on doing so. No complex metaplot or anything, but a history that supports this and inspires the GM to create replacement content. I'd also like to see more emphasis on interesting NPCs in dungeons to talk to.
This. Not only would I like to see lower point play for DFRPG (I've heard there are some marketing reasons why it isn't the default, but it's my style of play), but I'd like more OSR-style play, with focus on locations and crawling, not plots. There'd have to be some guidance to playing lower-point magic-abusers in dungeon crawls; the fatigue rules can be a bother.
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