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Default Re: [UT][HT] 15mm Gyroc White Phosphorus

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
I believe there are WP munitions statted out in HT (grenades mostly, but maybe some warheads as well), so I'd say compare those to comparably-sized HE munitions to see how UT WP would likely compare to UT HE.
I'll try and find those.

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
Looking at the WP warheads detailed in High-Tech, 1d and a 5-yard burst would be generous for a 15mm warhead.
You could have a 15mm WP round just do the WP burning damage to the target as a follow-up attack. Having the WP deep inside would make it very hard to remove, so that's a 'free' 6d burning damage, though over a long time period (in terms of GURPS combat).
That's an interesting idea and not something I had thought of. Still, the intended effect is this:

A WP grenade doesn't have any explosion damage, just a 5-yard burst.
I suppose this makes sense, so we would end up with 6d pi++ linked [1d(0.2) burn]. Does actually look like the scene I linked above.
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