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Default Re: [MH] Brazilian Secret Monster Hunters

Originally Posted by D10 View Post
... However after digging the tunnels, the projects stopped (reason given was lack of funds), and the university was left with a huge network of tunnels under it.

Due to fear of a collapse, they decided to flood the tunnels (which ironically costed millions of dollars by itself), recently they drained the tunnels but still the funds to finish the metro were unavailable, so they flooded the tunnels again.
I don't find that cover story very believable. Clearly what happened here is that they government dug tunnels under the university in order the destroy the bases of the mole-men who lived there. After the mole-men were destroyed, a group of cannibalistic ghouls moved into the empty tunnels, so they had to flood the tunnels. Which of course meant that they became filled with Deep Ones and albino alligators, so the tunnels were drained, which led to an infestation of Kobolds...
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